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Drew Estate Undercrown - Corona Viva 5pk
Drew Estate Undercrown Corona Viva 5pk

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The story behind this spectacular cigar, called Undercrown, is that the Drew Estate rollers were smoking too many Liga Privada cigars while on the job. Free cigars while rolling is a great perk to cigar rollers, but the Liga Privada cigars were too much in demand to allow for that amount of consumption in the factory. Drew Estate, being one of the coolest and most creative producers out there figured out how to solve the problem: they told the rollers to come up with a cigar they would like to smoke instead of the Liga Privada. So, in a way, the Undercrown, while exceptional in its own right, was blended by the Drew Estate rollers to be a stand-in for the Liga Privada blend. Try this blend out and you'll experience first hand what an outstanding job they did.
The Undercrown is crafted from a great assortment of tobacco. The wrapper is a very specific, spicy leaf from the San Andres Valley in Mexico. The binder is rich and flavorful stalk-cut Habano grown in Connecticut. The filler is a combination of Brazilian Mata Fina and Nicaraguan long-fillers. All of these diverse leaves blend together to create this exceptional combination. This is a cigar that is refined and classy. This slightly over-sized corona is called Corona Viva and it is one of the best shapes in the line because of the balance between the tobaccos yielding exceptional richness.

  • Wrapper - Otapan Negro Último Corte, San Andres, Mexico
  • Binder - Stalk-cut Habano, Connecticut, USA
  • Filler - Mata Fina, Brazil / Nicaragua
  • Size - Corona Viva 5.6"x46
  • 5 pack

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