Warped Series I Cases - Fire Belly 3 Finger EL OSO Mama 5 Pack
Fire Belly Series I Case from Warped Cigars (3 Finger - 6" x 48) EL OSO "Mama" from Warped Cigars.  The highly anticipated release in its newest size 7" x 38 Long Panatela shape.  This San Andres wrapper from Mexico adorns a blend worthy of this beautiful leaf.  Made in limited quantities to ensure exceptional quality.
Jaridor by Warped Cigars
The Tatuaje Tattoo Caballero Robusto is a huge cigar in flavor, reputation, and value. The only thing average about this gem is the classic Robusto size of 5"x50.

You've seen the frenzy surrounding this stick, now grab a 5 pack, or two, and see for yourself. We've got a small allotment of these so don't delay. Once sold they will drop off the site until more come in because we waited 2 months to get these.

5 pack
Robusto 5"x50
Jaridor by Warped Cigars - humidor jar holds up to 25 Churchill sized cigars (7" x 48)

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