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Flor del Valle Cristales Box of 25 Cigars EL OSO Cub Box
Flor del Valle Cristales - Nicaraguan Puro from Warped Cigars EL OSO "Cub" from Warped Cigars.  The highly anticipated release in its 4"x44 Rothschild shape.  This Habano Oscuro wrapper from Ecuador adorns a blend worthy of this beautiful leaf.  Made in limited quantities to ensure exceptional quality.
Warped Corto X46 La Colmena Amado No. 36 Box
Warped Cigars - Corto - X46 - Single
List Price: $43.25
Price: $7.65
Corto X46 - first box-pressed Nicaraguan Puro from Warped Cigars La Colmena Amado No. 36 Panatela from Warped Cigars

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