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Oliva Saison Robusto - 5pk
Oliva Saison Robusto - 5pk

Price: $20.00


The Oliva Saison is made in Nicaragua with a blend of Nicaraguan binder and filler tobacco finished with an Habano wrapper grown in the soils of Ecuador.  These tobaccos unite into a medium-full strength profile that has deep, rich, and earthy flavors like coffee, leather, and oak.  There is also an under-layer that is spicier and more robust with prominent notes of pepper and bright cedar.  This blend is classic Oliva: spicy, captivating, yet well balanced.

The robusto format lends itself well to this blend, as the medium-full power of this blend pairs well with the ring and size of the robusto to give your palate an enlivening experience.  This blend is also a great value, giving you some top notch tobaccos for a comparatively modest price.

5-Pack - 5" x 50

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