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Warped Series I Cases - Fire Belly 3 Finger La Hacienda Gran Robusto Box of 25 Cigars
Fire Belly Series I Case from Warped Cigars (3 Finger - 6" x 48) La Hacienda Gran Robusto Box of 25 Cigars - Nicaraguan Puro from Warped Cigars
Luchador by Sam Leccia - El Guapo 5pk EL OSO PaPa 5 Pack
Luchador by Sam Leccia features a San Andres Mexican wrapper that sets the tone for this spicy, complex, and exceptional cigar. EL OSO "PaPa" from Warped Cigars.  The highly anticipated release in its 6"x48 Belicoso shape.  This Habano Oscuro wrapper from Ecuador adorns a blend worthy of this beautiful leaf.  Made in limited quantities to ensure exceptional quality.

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