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Cigar Review Notebook
Cigar Review Notebook

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Cigar bands tucked into your wallet?  Thoughts of great cigars filed away hazily in your brain?  Notes scribbled on that discarded envelope swiped from the pile of mail?  We've all been there but now there's a better and far more elegant way to record your thoughts of cigars you've liked, and even those you've not enjoyed all that much.

The Cigar Review Notebook is a simple, elegant, and extremely practical solution to keep track of the cigars you have smoked.  There are 68 pages to record notes about the cigars you have smoked.  The page is broken into broad categories to guide your review. There is a spot in the margin to glue the band (just use a glue stick at home and until then tuck the band in the pocket inside the back cover).

Styled after the iconic Moleskine notebooks, which if you have one you know what a great accessory those are, this is a must have accessory for the budding connoisseur as well as the seasoned veteran.  This notebook is the finest we have seen and we are sure you'll agree.  Use the review template as a guideline and make your notes as you see fit.  The facing pages are left blank for plenty of room for any other details you'd like to record.

The quality of this notebook will exceed your expectations and its presentation and utility make it a fantastic gift for the cigar aficionados you know and love.  Pick up one for yourself and one to share.  Education is our favorite part of premium cigars and this is the tool for the job.  The archive of your smoking experiences will help you to enjoy premium cigars more and also aid you in seeing the common elements of which cigars you prefer and which you aren't as keen about.
  • Date
  • Brand
  • Blend
  • Construction
  • First Third
  • Second Third
  • Final Third
  • Score
  • 3.5" x 5.5" - pocket sized
  • 68 pages

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