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Seaside Humidor
Seaside Humidor

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Price: $74.95

Item No.: HUM-25SEA

The Seaside humidor is styled like the easy days of relaxing in the Florida Keys.  Its two tone exterior with woven rattan set into mahogany offers a distinctive, yet relaxed humidor accent piece.  Hemingway would surely have been pleased to set one of these humidors near his typewriter for easy access to his beloved cigars while putting his novels to paper.

-Holds up to 50 Cigars
-1 Round Humidifier
-1 Glass Hygrometer with Brass Ring
-SureSeal Technology Insures Proper Lid Seal on Closure
-1 Spanish Cedar Divider
-Lined with Premium Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar
-Brass Hidden Quadrant Hinges
-Brass Corner Hardware on 8 corners
-Front Mount Swivel Lock
-Scratch Resistant Felt Lined Bottom
-Mahogany with Light Oak Rattan Exterior

Dimensions (Outside): 10 5/16"W x 8 3/4"D x 4 5/16"H

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