Template 136 Stingray Leather Sheath for Xi Cutter

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Stingray Leather Sheath for Xi Cutter
Stingray Leather Sheath for Xi Cutter

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Price: $29.99

Item No.: 111BKSR

Stingrays, found in abundance in the shallow, warm waters of the world, are neither endangered nor threatened. They have been used throughout history, most notably in Japan, for everything from armor and sword handle wraps to high quality wallets, handbags, and even sandpaper. The inherent qualities of the Stingray skin make it so durable in fact, that it is resistant to water, fire, puncture, tearing, and abrasion.

This sheath is not only a stylish way to carry your cutter, but it's as rugged as every product that comes from Xikar. (cutter not included, but we've got plenty for you to choose from)

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