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Luchador by Sam Leccia - El Guapo 5pk
Luchador by Sam Leccia - El Guapo 5pk

Price: $38.95

Item No.: LTLGU5PK

Luchador by Sam Leccia sports a bold band of the traditional mask worn by the luchadors (wrestler in Spanish) of Mexico. It's a fitting design to give credit to the San Andres Mexican wrapper that sets the tone for this spicy, complex, and exceptional cigar. When you smell the spicy and oily notes to the wrapper before you even light it you know you're in for a serious experience.

Sam Leccia carved out a reputation as a bit of a tobacco rebel by doing things a bit differently. The Luchador blend is just that among the numerous cigars using the San Andres leaf. The first Luchador I smoked intrigued me but left me undecided; the second Luchador that I smoked was nothing shy of an enlightening experience in tobacco. The blend holds mysteries that reveal themselves each time you light this stick up.

  • Origin: Nicaragua
  • Size: 6" x 50 Toro
  • Wrapper: San Andres - Mexico
  • Binder: Habano - Ecuador
  • Filler: Pennsylvania, Honduras, Nicaragua
  • 5 Pack

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