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Tatuaje Tattoo Caballero Robusto - 5 Pack Flor del Valle Cristales Box of 25 Cigars
The Tatuaje Tattoo Caballero Robusto is a huge cigar in flavor, reputation, and value. The only thing average about this gem is the classic Robusto size of 5"x50.

You've seen the frenzy surrounding this stick, now grab a 5 pack, or two, and see for yourself. We've got a small allotment of these so don't delay. Once sold they will drop off the site until more come in because we waited 2 months to get these.

5 pack
Robusto 5"x50
Flor del Valle Cristales - Nicaraguan Puro from Warped Cigars
Warped Futuro Seleccion Suprema 5 Pack Cigar Review Notebook
Futuro - Seleccion Suprema Corona
Warped Cigars X Casa Fernandez Collaboration
Nicaraguan puro of some of AGANORSA's finest tobacco crafted into an exquisitely balanced and flavorful medium-full strength blend.

Cigar bands tucked into your wallet? Thoughts of great cigars filed away hazily in your brain? Notes scribbled on that discarded envelope swiped from the pile of mail? This notebook is the answer.

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