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Xikar has some of the best designed products in the business. They also have the best guarantee in the business.  Buy with confidence because we fully endorse this brand and Xikar's warranty will never let you down.
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Plunge Lighter - Single Flame Stratosphere Lighter
Price: $29.95
Price: $29.95
A bold, contemporary style encases XIKAR's RapidFire™ ignition. A quick push of the thumb simultaneously opens the Plunge's auto lid and ignites a powerful, extremely dependable jet flame. Firing up your cigar was never so easy!

The design circles 'plunge' downward to reveal an extremely large fuel window that is viewable from both sides. A simple twist of a fingernail or XIKAR MTX Multi-tool adjusts the flame level. Available in 5 standard colors: red, black, silver, gunmetal and blue.
Stratosphere High Altitude Lighter - This single flame butane lighter is wind-proof and performs exceptionally well in all environments.  The specially designed jet uses all available oxygen to outperform any other lighter at altitude.  Fuel window, easy adjust flame control, lanyard to prevent dropping it.  This will become your go-to lighter.
Xikar Flash Lighter Stingray Leather Sheath for Xi Cutter
Price: $29.95
Price: $29.99
The Flash lighter by Xikar.  Single-flame torch with single-press functionality. Stingrays, found in abundance in the shallow, warm waters of the world, are neither endangered nor threatened. They have been used throughout history, most notably in Japan, for everything from armor and sword handle wraps to high quality wallets, handbags, and even sandpaper. The inherent qualities of the Stingray skin make it so durable in fact, that it is resistant to water, fire, puncture, tearing, and abrasion.

This sheath is not only a stylish way to carry your cutter, but it's as rugged as every product that comes from Xikar. (cutter not included, but we've got plenty for you to choose from)
Xikar Blaze Outdoorsman Gift Set Xi 009 Pull-Out Punch
Price: $34.99
Xikar Blaze Outdoorsman Gift Set - 5 cigar case and Hunter Stratosphere lighter

The perfect set to look and act the part in deer camp this year, or just on the back deck while you tell hunting "stories" of big bucks that you let get away while you enjoy great cigars. Combined value of $56 at an awesome deal price. Get one for yourself and for your hunting buddies. Also, it is never too soon to think of dad and granddad for Christmas!


Case Features:
  • Airtight... Watertight... Crushproof
  • Super-strong ABS Molded Plastic Construction
  • Stainless Steel Hinge and Latch Hinges
  • High Density Urethane Foam Cradles and Protects Your Cigars
  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made in the USA
Lighter Features:
  • Single flame butane lighter
  • Wind-proof and performs exceptionally well in all environments
  • Specially designed jet uses all available oxygen to outperform any other lighter at altitude
  • Fuel window, easy adjust flame control, lanyard to prevent dropping it
This is a cigar punch perfect for any occasion. Simply pull the body of the punch in two and a razor sharp 9mm punch is exposed. Punch the cigar & push the body back together to safely enclose the blade and release any loose tobacco.
Inpress Lighter - Single Flame Xi2 Cutter
Price: $39.95
Price: $39.95
XIKAR's New Inpress Lighter has a distinct function. The auto-lid is triggered by a one-step thumb push. The appeal of the Inpress lies in its sleek form and ease of use.

Inpress Lighter typifies masculine design and stylish engineering. Available in three colors with a lifetime warranty.
These cutters have blades hardened to a Rockwell C rating of 57, the result is the hardest, sharpest blade you can buy. The body retains the classic XIKAR shape and features a lightweight nylon fiberglass composite in metallic colors including blue, green, gray, burgundy (flat) and now, black.

Xi cutter blades are made of high quality 440 stainless steel with an HRC of 57.

All Xi cutters are the same ring gauge: they will cut a 54 ring gauge cigar in half. Depending on how much cap you cut, they will cut up to a 58 ring gauge cigar.

This is the original and the perfect value priced XIKAR to get started with.  Rest assured that with the same great warranty this cutter can be your starter model and then always be your backup when you get a new favorite.
VX Metal V-Cutter Xi1 Cutter
Price: $49.99
Price: $59.95
Attractive metal V-Cut will handle cigar caps up to 64 Ring Gauge. XIKAR’s VX-Cut has the workmanship and metal design to make any cigar cry. Inverted blade design produces a clean cut every time.

This is hands down the best made, sharpest and most reliable v-cutter available.  It's versatile too with the cigar rest feature, which is way more handy than you can imagine.
The XIKAR® Xi1 Cutter gives cigar enthusiasts the finest cigar cut with power, efficiency and ease of use. An aluminum body encases HRC57 stainless steel blades in a spring-loaded, ergonomic shape. This is the finest cutter you can buy - WE GUARANTEE IT!

Xi cutter blades are all made of high-quality 440 stainless steel with an HRC of 57.

All Xi Cutters are the same ring gauge: they will cut a 54 ring gauge cigar in half. Depending on how much cap you cut, they will cut up to a 58 ring gauge cigar.

US Patent # 5937523
Xi1 Room 101 Skulls Cutter Xikar XTX Double Jet Lighter - Gunmetal
Price: $69.95
Price: $69.95
Xikar cutters are second to none in quality and style. This Room 101 Skulls cutter is a Xi1 cutter laser engraved with the skulls pattern.  Style and function always, but this time to the max. Xikar XTX Double Jet Lighter - Gunmetal has a simple single-click operation, easy to use adjustment wheel that doesn't require tools, and a fuel window to see how much butane is remaining.  Dual jet flame lights your cigar quickly but with enough precision that you can avoid scorching the wrapper and yourself.  Attractive satin finish in gunmetal color makes this a solid all around choice for both a utilitarian and dress lighter.  Backed by Xikar's lifetime guarantee.
Xi3 Havana Collection Black
Price: $299.99
There are no cigar cutters in the world like XIKAR's Havana Collection cutters. Their creation fuses XIKAR's innovative, industry leading Xi3 cutter with original art from Paris, to achieve the classic ambience of the Havana cigar.

This Xi3 Cutter is handmade decopage from real cigar bands, sealed with several coats of varnish and hand polished to perfection.